Warriors of the Wilderness Re-enactment Society

Based in Northumberland, the group started in October 2019, run by myself and my daughter, we have previous experience with other groups covering the same era. Unlike all the other groups in this period we aim is to focus on the non-highland elements of the Jacobite forces especially the English contingent in the Manchester Regiment, Scottish lowlanders, French regulars from the Irish Brigade, and redcoat deserters as well as civilians/artisans/camp followers.

Keen to establish events in the north of England and Scottish borders where we are currently poorly served and to recruit locally as much as possible.

Era:- 1745 Jacobite Rising

MOBILE:- Nicholas Wilkes 07980 481294,

EMAIL [email protected]

Location :- Based near Hexham in Northumberland, willing to travel across UK

Members welcome:- From Northern England/Scottish borders if possible but accept anyone willing to travel

Available for Weekend Events