The Time Travelling Medicine Man

As an interpreter of medical history for over a decade, I offer a range of displays and presentations on the history of medicine, surgery, dentistry, diseases, quack cures and the healing arts from the Romans to the Victorians – a veritable travelling museum!
All presentations are delivered with humour and audience participation. They are ideal for educational establishments, historical festivals, museums and sites of historical interest. I am the author of a number of books on medical history and have appeared in a number of documentaries, the most recent being “Mystic Britain: Leeches, Plagues, and Potions” (Smithsonian Channel) and “The Great Plague” (Channel 5).

Contact details

E-mail:[email protected], [email protected], b[email protected]

Or give me a call at 07790146036

Available for Weekdays and Weekend events, also available for Schools

Location: Dudley

Informative, entertaining, factual and amusing

Brampton Museum

It was wonderful to see your array of implements, including leeches! We had lots of positive feedback about you throughout the day; you clearly captured everyone’s imagination

Abingdon Park Museum