Shoot and Scapa

Having completed an apprenticeship as an Armourer, made shoes as an apprentice cobbler and with a life long interest in historical subjects which lead to a later degree in Archaeology, Paul now trades under the name of Shoot and Scapa which reflects his interest in guns, weaponry and leather work.

Paul is a Registered Firearms Dealer whose full-time job is repairing, upgrading and manufacturing firearms of all descriptions from the simplest historical guns to todays’ modern military weapons. He is an expert in the repair and maintenance of Lee Enfield rifles.

We offer our services to the re-enactment sector for repairs and the supply of guns and accessories. For the really choosy, entirely hand-made, hand finished weapons can be made to your individual specification (not a CNC machine in sight!)

We can supply most historical “off the shelf” firearms or create upgraded versions that look better and work properly. We can upgrade your existing guns to ensure consistent performance and make them look more authentic.  Just contact us for a quote.

We sell gun accessories, including flints, match, cleaning fluids, oils, powder flasks, percussion caps, etc including a supply of rifle spares. If we don’t have the spare you require, chances are we can source it or make it.

We manufacture hand-made knives and other bladed weapons using traditional techniques, including Damascus blades. We carry a small stock of hardened and tempered weapons, but customised items are available upon request.

We offer courses on re-loading ammunition and knife making using traditional methods.

We no longer make turn shoes, but other hand-made leather and natural product accessories such as bandoliers, powder horns, belt bags, oak gall ink, books, horn ink wells, archery quivers and quarrels are available for purchase.

Contact details:- [email protected]

Phone – 01284 810300