Pario Gallico

Pario Gallico offers ancient crafts and living history demonstrations based on archaeological research to museums, events, heritage sites, etc, portraying the daily life of middle class people from the Iron Age (800BC-43AD), which is our speciality, to the end of the Tudor era (late 16th century).

We  also run private and public courses teaching some historic techniques and heritage crafts such as historical open-fire cooking, ancient paints & pigment making, blacksmithing, Iron Age javelin making and practice, historic wire jewellery, and more.

Pario Gallico is run by Caroline Nicolay, archaeology educator, experimental archaeologist and living historian. She studied archaeology and visitor engagement in museums, worked in several open air museums and historic sites in France and England before creating her own company in 2016. She focuses on historical food and cooking methods, as well as on prehistoric paints / wall paintings.

Since then, Pario Gallico has been joined by Thomas Timbrell, historian, professional blacksmith and heritage cutler, working under the company ‘’Big Beynon’s Blacksmithing’’. He portrayed a 16th c. blacksmith at a Tudor farm for 8 years before deciding to focus on Iron Age metalwork and creating historical knives replicas. He now demonstrate ancient blacksmith or knife making, Iron Age hunting and even Tudor table manners and service alongside Caroline on their co-displays.

Era’s:- Iron Age (our speciality) up to late Tudor ( 16th / early 17th century)

Contact Details:-

Email :- [email protected]

Telephone:- 07513 730963

Location – based in North Dorset, UK. Travelling all around the UK and willing to travel to Europe.

Available for Weekdays and Weekend events, dependant on prior bookings, Also available for virtual talks – Pario Gallico now offer video demonstrations of ancient crafts and techniques as well as virtual live or pre-recorded talks, and hopefully online courses soon too! 

Do you go into Schools? not usually. But if schools have very specific projects they can contact us: we welcome all enquiries