HistoryNeedsYou communicate history and heritage to make it engaging, inclusive and fun. We work with museums, heritage organisations, historic properties, and schools. We communicate using the most appropriate method to meet our clients’ and their audiences’ needs, including: event design and management; live performance (scripted drama and improvisation); films (both performance and filming); exhibition research, design and creation; website design; oral history projects, and school workshops. We are also consultants and performers for film, television and radio. As performers for living history events, we provide a range of characters and activities to enhance the event. These include our extremely popular pop-up Victorian Photo Studio, comedic roving characters from a wide range of historical periods to interact with visitors, and hands-on activities for families. For large events, we recruit from the very best re-enactment performers. We work across the UK, and specialise in working with hard-to-reach and diverse audiences.
We are selling some of our surplus kit at the moment and will feature some of it here.

Houghton Tower 8/9 July 2017