Georgina’s Natural Boutique

I am an independent Body shop consultant, I work as part of the Body shop at home team. While the Body shop shops are closed during lockdown, I am still able to sell and post your orders to you.

As some of the perks of being an independent consultant, I can provide a personalised service, build my own gift bundles (including Christmas gift sets and baubles) I can also provide exclusive discounts. I can also help do your Christmas shopping for you, if you have lots of people to buy for just give me a budget and I can do the rest for you.

Please add yourself to my Facebook group for the latest updates.

If you are not on Facebook please message me via the contact form below and I can help you out.

If you are also interested in becoming a Body Shop at home Independent consultant please get in touch, it is a very rewarding job with a wonderful supportive team. We do a 7 day free trial too (that’s how I started)

If you wish to order please provide item number, product and page number

If you are interested in joining my team please use this form