Most of you know me, I am Georgina and I am the director/organiser of the Artisans and Re-enactors Market. A few weeks ago I was burgled and unfortunately, along with all my small electricals, they found the safe that I kept the ticket and float money in. I was hoping for this to be covered by insurance however they have just got back to me and told me it’s not covered.

With every new business and venture money is incredibly tight so losing this much money puts ARM in a difficult situation. If everyone who has liked/followed the ARM facebook page can donate £2 we will more than beat this target.

I started ARM to show strength in this wonderful community that we have and to support small businesses. I am sorry to have to ask this and I will be selling a few of my things to try and make up for this too. Please donate to keep the wonderful community we have at ARM alive.

This money will only be going to ARM this will not be going into my bank account and it will be going to pay for the hall in the next month or so if we can raise the money. The more we raise the better ARM will be!

Thank You